Herb Dublin Lavender Gift Set

Herb Dublin was born from a love of all things natural, unprocessed and healing. This beautiful giftset contains


Herb Lavender Candle

Is there anything more fragrant and fabulous than lavender! This natural wax candle is made with flowers and herbs from Irish gardens. Burn time 35hrs

Healing Bath Salts

Gorgeous healing bath salts with hand blended essential oils make for the most relaxing and uplifting well deserved 'time out' time! Gorgeously wrapped with linen reusable pouch and spoon.

Herb Dublin Rosemary & Lavender Hand Cream with Shea Butter

Make your hands feel soft and your skin refreshed with this wonderful hand cream from Herb Dublin! Rosemary and Lavender with shea butter will give you gorgeous soft hands!




Herb Dublin Lavender Gift Set

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