‘Fall’ In Love with Autumn Flowers!

Autumn flower arrangements show off some of the season's richest hues. Known for their shades of orange, reds and purples, this is the season where you can be as adventurous as you like with colour and floral textures. So why not bring the colour and lift of this season into your home with the gift of an Autumn flower arrangement, elegantly designed to reflect the warm richness of this wonderful season.   

Think hand-tied autumn bouquets in reds, yellows and oranges with detail of seasonal fresh fruits. All our designs at Celine's Flowers are bursting with vibrant colours and will make a lively addition to any room.

While we love lush shades of red in autumn, some of our favourite autumn floral pairings focus on subtler colours. Yellows, greens, and pale pinks make great pillars for fall arrangements, incorporate stunning yellow Beech leaves and dahlias to brighten up any arrangement.


This season is one of the most exciting and beautiful times of the year and here at Irishflowershops.com you will find a floral gift to embody the very essence of Autumn


Create that just ‘picked from the meadow’ vibe, by using hydrangeas – another great Autumn flower. Mix them with some dried leaves and dramatic branches for a striking, yet understated effect.  

Don’t Forget Centrepieces!

You don’t want to spend so much time on choosing the ultimate gift arrangement that you forget the table centrepieces! Here at Celine's we have so many options for your centrepieces this time of year, from subtle flower arrangements to gorgeous pumpkin displays. Try stepping out of the box with non-traditional containers for your centrepieces instead of a vase. Mason jars, bottles, and even paint cans can serve as rustic options for your table this Autumn.