Herb Dublin Wellness Hamper - Great Night's Sleep

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctors book”

An Irish proverb. Dim the lights. Run the bath. Add our gorgeous Epsom salts or bath bomb. Light the candle then settle down to the most gorgeous relaxing bath. Before sleep spritz your pillow with our gorgeous pillow mist and nothing left to do but enjoy very sweet dreams x

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Herb Dublin is about relaxation, detoxification, and life happiness (and hopefully you will agree smells amaaaaazing!) Life has changed, there are now so many things we need to detox from more than ever before, too much social media, too much junk food, too much sugar, too much pressure, too much anxiety. Sometimes we just need to grab our mat burn some essential oils, light a candle and breathe, DEEP!

Herb Dublin Wellness Hamper - Great Night's Sleep

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