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Floral Care Tips: Make Your Blooms Last Longer!

Tips, for Keeping Your Flowers Fresh; Make Them Longer! 


Have you ever wondered how to make your beautiful flowers last longer? Follow these steps to enjoy the beauty of your blooms for days on end! 


1. Trim Those Stems;

Before placing your flowers in a vase cut the stems at an angle. This will create surface area for the flowers to absorb water ensuring they stay hydrated.


2. Clean Water is Essential;

Remember to change the water every two days and ensure it's clean! Remove any leaves that are submerged in water to prevent growth and maintain the freshness of your arrangement.


3. The Magic of Flower Food;

If your bouquet came with flower food make sure to use it! These special nutrients nourish the flowers. Help them stay vibrant for periods.


4. Keep It Cool;

Find a spot away, from sunlight, drafts or sources of heat to place your flowers. This will slow down their aging process. Keep them looking fresh.


5. Give Them Their Space;

Avoid placing fruits near your flowers. Ripening fruits release ethylene gas, which can speed up the wilting process. Let your beautiful blooms shine on their own!


6.Gentle Mist;

Keep your flowers hydrated by giving them a light misting especially if the environment is dry. Spraying them gently helps recreate their habitat.


7. Prune, with Care;

Remove any dead petals and leaves. This not maintains the appearance of your arrangement but also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.


8. Show Some Love;

Lastly shower your blooms with affection! Handle them delicately. They will reward you with lasting beauty. 


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