Celines Flowers I Single Stem Floral Bouquets


Make a Statement with our Flowers for that Special Occasion 

Our mission is to deliver the finest freshly cut flowers to every door. Same day delivery is available throughout Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.

Our collection of single stem floral bouquets come in a variety of option with all your favourite seasonal blooms from Hydrangea, Vanda, Lisianthus to the finest Roses. Choose one or more bouquets in your favourite colour or match your home to your blooms!  

Whether you have a friend that is feeling under the weather, want to add some understated elegance to your home, mark a milestone celebration or send a heartfelt well done these flowers are the perfect choice for you.

We can custom make bespoke single stem bouquets with your favourite choice of flowers and colours. There are a variety of vases to choose from to suit the style of flowers. For bespoke single stem bouquets call us on 01 452 7272 to speak to one of our highly skilled florists.


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