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Terenure's Florist: Blooming Moments with Celines Flowers

Welcome to Celines Flowers, your trusted local florist delivering flowers daily to Terenure – a floral haven nestled in the heart of history and charm. At [Your Florist Name], we bring the beauty of blooms to life, inspired by the rich tapestry of Terenure's past and present. Explore our exquisite floral arrangements, each a testament to the elegance and vibrancy of this historic village.

Terenure's Floral Legacy:

Terenure, steeped in history and adorned with architectural gems, sets the stage for our floral artistry. At Celines Flowers, we draw inspiration from Terenure's unique character to craft arrangements that echo the town's elegance. We've been helping customers celebrate life's most important moments for 30 years from






 The Terenure Collection:

  • Tudor Rose Inspired Bouquet: Paying homage to Terenure's Tudor-style architecture, this arrangement features classic roses in regal hues. Shop here

  • Bushy Park Bloom Ensemble: Inspired by the verdant beauty of Bushy Park, this bouquet mirrors the lush greenery that graces Terenure. Shop here

Why Choose Celines Flowers in Terenure?

  1. Local Heritage: Our florists understand Terenure's heritage, infusing each creation with local history and a sense of timelessness.

  2. Bespoke Floral Designs: From traditional to contemporary, our bespoke arrangements are tailored to suit Terenure's preferences, ensuring a personalized touch.

  3. Quality Blooms: We source the freshest blooms, ensuring that your flowers are a vibrant reflection of Terenure's beauty when they arrive.

  4. Explore Terenure's Charms:

    • Terenure Village Green: A hub of activity, our florals mirror the vibrant energy of Terenure's Village Green.

    • Rathfarnham Castle: Celebrate Terenure's historical landmarks with arrangements that capture the grandeur of Rathfarnham Castle.

  5. How to Order from Celines Flowers in Terenure:

    Ordering flowers in Terenure is a breeze. Visit our online store, explore our Terenure Collection, and choose the perfect bouquet. With our easy ordering process, you can have a burst of local charm delivered to your doorstep or the doorstep of someone you care about in Terenure.

  6. Delivery Locations Nearby: 

Tallaght, Templeogue, Rathfarnham, Churchtown, Knocklyon, Milltown, Blackrock