Top Wedding Arch Inspiration!

Take your ceremony to new heights and frame every moment of your special day with a wedding arch that reflects the theme of your day. Though different types of wedding arches have both cultural and religious significances, modern couples use the curved arches for their decorative purposes too. Here, we're sharing some of our favourite wedding arches that will help ‘round out’ your big day.

An Arched Entryway  

Create an entrance your guests won’t forget! Guests walking through, and under, beautiful blooms of pink, yellow, and white is an incredible way to start the day's proceedings!

Aisle Arbor’s

A beautiful Arbor can anchor an outdoor ceremony, serve as a photo backdrop, act as an entryway, and even bring new meaning to your celebration. With flowers, fabrics, and various builds, arches are a gorgeous way to bring a bold new look to the end of your aisle.

Part of the Scenery

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, take advantage of the nature around you – in particular the trees. An old sycamore tree hung above a lush, overgrown arch creates a classic and romantic outdoor wedding ceremony.

Colourful Outdoor Arch

A simple floral arch created using drum roses, spray roses and numerous vines and berries can create a bright and colourful ceremony backdrop.

Asymmetrical Arch

One of the most versatile choices, a simple white arch can be elevated with staggering bold coloured flowers in an asymmetrical pattern – it can be as lush or botanical as you like!


Don't limit your use of arches to just the ceremony. Welcome your guests to the reception with beautiful arches at the entrance, and then use them to create a more intimate yet organic vibe in a larger reception room.


Floral Wedding Chuppah  

Traditionally a canopy used for couples to go under in Jewish wedding, a Chuppah dressed in the right florals can be a stunning addition to any ceremony. For a look that’s nothing short of incredible, an array of greenery, garden roses, and peonies is a gorgeous way to bring the outdoors in!


For a wedding arch that feels traditionally romantic—and a little bit wild—opt for a cathedral-window shaped design bedecked in a range of lush flowers and greenery.

Floral Forest Arch

Create the ultimate ‘forest feel’ and decorate your arch with fresh ferns, gardenias, and spray roses to create an ethereal woodland vibe that complements any intimate outdoor setting.

Single Colour Creations

Choose a single, vibrant hue to add colour to your ceremony space—and your pics! Single colour arches work well with a chuppah and make a stunning framed surround for your photos!!

Woodland Wonders

For a wedding set against a beautiful woodland backdrop, a simple arch of loosely arranged flowers can act as a focal point that blends seamlessly with the setting.