When Words Don't Come Easy ……..

When a loved one experiences a loss, we instinctively want to reach out and comfort them. Even though your compassion is genuine, it can be hard to know what to say and how to say it. But sharing tokens of beauty, like flowers, in the midst of grief can be extremely healing.   

Times have changed and it’s no longer expected that you must send an all-white arrangement for a funeral. Having flowers that are soft and comforting and focus on texture is a good way to go. Make them personal, and possibly reflect a certain flower the person loved. Then they can really evoke the sense of an embrace.

Considering the meaning of flowers really adds an extra dimension of thoughtfulness to an arrangement. It could be sending peonies, which represent devotion, or including rosemary in a bouquet because it signifies remembrance or Chrysanthemums which represent truth and are typically regarded as a cheerful way to honour someone who lived a full life.



Types of Sympathy Flowers….


In addition to the sympathy bouquets, Celine’s also specialise in bespoke funeral wreaths and sprays. There are no hard and fastened rules when it comes to sending sympathy flowers, but traditionally sympathy bouquets are sent to the homes of the bereaved family members, whereas funeral flowers like wreaths, sheaths and sprays are generally sent to the church or service where they will be displayed during the service and after placed by the graveside.






Let someone know they are in your thoughts at this difficult time with a sympathy bouquet. Stylish and restrained, our tasteful tributes can be sent directly to a friend or loved one’s home, or ordered in advance to arrive on the day of the funeral.

From our elegant ‘Tied Sheaf’ in peach and blue, to our traditional ‘White Meadow’, a tasteful display of dahlia and avalanche roses in a classic glass vase, or our ‘Simple White rose Bouquet’, each of which convey the perfect message of compassion.




Sharing tokens of beauty, like flowers, in the midst of grief can be extremely healing……






Whether you decide on a circular, heart shaped or a more personal ‘Dad’ or ‘Mum’ in letters, a wreath signifies a depth of sympathy and meaning to a loved one that will always be remembered. They are larger and more prominent and generally kept by the casket.


All our wreaths from our ‘white & red’, ‘mixed flower’, ‘single letter’ and ‘eco’ range, come in sizes standard, deluxe and luxury, so you can decide what you feel is appropriate.







Sprays are generally laid flat on or around the casket and their ‘teardrop’ shape reflects the sorrow and grief experienced by the bereaved. Celine’s range of sprays include a ‘Single ended spray’ with delicate red roses and a classic ‘yellow and white spray’, which exudes peace and calm.


Whatever arrangement you decide, remember that flowers have a fascinating ability to help us express our feelings at times in life when words are simply not enough and at Celines each arrangement is sent with a personalised card from you to show your heartfelt sympathy!



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